Briarcliff Bulletin Goes Online

By Tyler Friedman and Jack Fischer

Briarcliff High School’s school newspaper was founded in 1948 and has been in print for over 60 years. Clearly, the paper has shown the ability to change with the times, but now an even bigger adjustment is needed. In Spring 2011, the editors’ application asked staff writers to agree or disagree with the following statement: “Print media is a dying art and should be eliminated. The internet is sufficient.” In our separate viewpoints, we argued that print media was necessary, yet adjustments must be made to accommodate the convenience and prevalence of the internet. One example of a newspaper which has integrated its features is the New York Times, which currently offers online subscriptions in addition to its print version. As co-editors this year, we have decided that The Bulletin will follow this model of publishing online in conjunction with the paper. This will let us reach a larger audience beyond students in Briarcliff and make The Bulletin more accessible and appealing.

Our new website will be, and we’ll be on Facebook as well.


What Do YOU Think?

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