Student Athlete Spotlight: Arthur Kaufman

By Molly Charney

Photo by Alan Shapiro

Arthur Kaufman is a Briarcliff High School senior and a captain of the varsity boys’ soccer team. Kaufman began his soccer career in preschool and has been playing on the BHS Varsity Soccer team for three years. This year, Arthur has primarily been playing center-back, the rock of the defense. The boys’ team has gotten off to a great start this season with seven wins, zero losses and one tie. The Bears are the only team in Class B not to lose a game at the time of writing. So far, they have only allowed one goal after playing eight games, an extremely impressive feat. Kaufman looks forward to defending the undefeated record into the playoffs and going for a run to the finals. The team experienced an early road bump at the Mt. Pleasant
Cup, with a tie and loss in penalty kicks against Pleasantville, but the team has bounced back and looks to get revenge on Pleasantville at the Panthers’ homecoming.

Arthur noted that he would love to play soccer in college either on a varsity or club team, depending on what school he ends up at. “As long as I can play every now and then, I will be happy,” he said. Arthur also reminisced about his three years on varsity soccer. “It’s amazing how quickly high school flies by. In my first year, I thought I’d have plenty of time to improve and savor varsity soccer, but before I knew it, I was going into my last season. Now I am trying to play with no regrets and do everything I can to help the team do the best it can, and inspire the younger guys on the team for their coming years.” Goalie Kevin Louie said, “Arty has been a friend of mine for a very long time now. I don’t think I have ever met anyone who loves soccer more. On and off the field, Arthur is a leader, always supportive, enthusiastic, and determined. We have a special connection between goalkeeper and defender that no one else would ever understand. I can always count on him to pick me up. His skill is unparalleled, looking natural with his versatility-plus he’s really tall. I wish nothing but the best for him.” Kaufman urges everyone to come out and watch the varsity boys’ soccer team play the rest of the season! Go Bears!


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