Russell’s Car: Maro the Camaro

By Rachel Honigman

Photo courtesy of Russell Cocozza

“You can hear Russell’s car from anywhere. You hear the ‘vroom’ and know he’s on the road” said seniors Matty Siegel and Jaime Weinrach. Defined by the Facebook relationship “it’s complicated,” Russell Cocozza and his car spend a lot of time in the shop.

He has fixed a few scratches as well as customized the exhaust, intake, speaker system, lights and decals.

Even though Russell spends a lot of his time adding new things to “Maro,” he finds time to create a reputation on the road. Driving around town, it is no surprise to see the white Camero with the black stripe down the middle and blue lights zoom by.

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Sophomore Kate Manganello said, “I don’t even drive and I know about Russell’s car,” an experience most BHS students share. All over Instagram, referenced to on Facebook and even mentioned in tweets, Russell Cocozza’s car is a hot topic, and just plain hot.


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