What Happened to Parking?

By Brandon Fuhr

Photo by Brandon Fuhr

Among other changes that occurred over the summer, the BHS parking lot was completely revamped. There are now clear lines dividing the spaces, so it’s harder for someone to park over the line and get away with it. Many people could not read the spot numbers last year, which led to confusion and people parking in the wrong places. The spot numbers have been repainted in bright white.

Now students can find their spots quickly and not waste time trying to figure out where they belong.

The administration has also reorganized the parking spaces to make more spaces available for students. In years past, unlucky students would end up at the church parking lot and have to walk for a few minutes to get to school. While this offered decent exercise, walking in on cold winter days is unpleasant.

There has been some controversy over the way parking spots are distributed. Students used to sign up and pick up their spot on a first come, first serve basis. Now, students are assigned spots regardless of how early they send in their application or how early they arrive to pick up their parking permit. Sam Cohen, a senior at BHS, says “Everybody got a spot, so I think it worked well.” He believes that a situation in which students would be able to pick their spots would be “a logistical nightmare for the office.”

Photo by Brandon Fuhr

Ms. Joannou, who is responsible for campus parking says, “Because we added on more spots, next year it will most likely be first come, first serve. […] We still have some spots left over.” This year, there was no need for a first come, first serve situation because there was an abundant supply of parking spaces, so no seniors park at the church. In the future, students at BHS who want their dream spot may have their wish come true if they take advantage of the first come, first serve initiative.


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