Mrs. O’Brien Joins Intel

By Molly Charney

Mrs. O’ Brien and sophomore Clara Prish
Photo by Molly Charney

This year Mrs. O’Brien became part of the Briarcliff Manor Science Research team, joining Mr. Inglis, Mrs. Carnahan and Ms. Dyer. Due to the expansion of the program over the past seven years, it was time to add a fourth teacher. Mrs. O’Brien was approached about the position due to her background in statistics, a large part of the analysis of many science research projects. She had also voluntarily helped out many students with their projects before she was named an official Intel teacher. Mrs. O’Brien is currently teaching one Intel section during second period. Mrs. O’Brien took a week long workshop this summer in order to prepare for teaching the course and has taken multiple courses in statistics throughout the years.

Aside from teaching Intel, Mrs. O’Brien teaches Algebra 2/Trig Honors and AP Statistics. She says her favorite part of teaching Intel is learning a little about a lot of different projects. She also enjoys helping students accomplish their goals throughout the year. Mrs. O’Brien is excited to work with such a supportive Intel team of Ms. Dyer, Mrs. Carnahan and Mr. Inglis. Senior Logan Davis is in her 2nd period class and adds that “Mrs. O’Brien always makes time to help everyone in the class.” Mrs. O’Brien is truly excited to learn about the program as well as the many interesting projects Briarcliff students have become involved in through the science research program.


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