What’s “Bruin” with Yearbook?

By Allison Greenberg

Nikki Metzger, Emily Feher, Jack Yurch, Katherine Angst and Rachel Honigman
Photo by Jack Fischer

This year’s yearbook is undergoing important changes, the two biggest of which are the alteration of the traditional Senior Superlatives and an all-color yearbook.

The school administration pulled the Superlatives because of student and parent concerns articulated to Mr. Kaishian. “Nominated students are put in a difficult position,” said Mr. Kaishian, who also said that all of the information from the voting was kept but not released. “We want students to be recognized for their achievements,” but do not want people to be hurt. “We have not decided what to do,” said Mr. Kaishian, speaking about the data from the voting. Student editors I spoke with said that they want the Superlatives to be “un-traditional” and “no longer about being superficial”.

Mrs. Marcel, co-adviser for the yearbook, was very excited about the upcoming yearbook. “This is the first time we’ll have an all-color yearbook,” she said when asked about major changes to the yearbook. Various student editors I spoke with sounded thrilled about the color yearbook.

The staff of the yearbook has changed dramatically as well. “We have way more people,” said Mr. Shulman, co-adviser for the yearbook. “There were seven students last year; this year over thirty.” This has lead to “More leadership with section editors,” with the various yearbook sections having its own an editor.

As Mr. Kaishian said, “I expect this yearbook to be awesome.”


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