Quidditch in Briarcliff

By Sydney Hoff

Danny Mendelson shoots
Photo Provided by Danny Mendelson

Author J.K. Rowling did more than simply create a wildly popular series when she wrote Harry Potter; she also invented a fictional sport called Quidditch that has since grown immensely among fans of the book. The sport has attracted many followers, including Briarcliff High School sophomore Danny Mendelson.

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After attending the Quidditch World Cup in 2010 in New York City, Danny “immediately fell in love with the sport and bought a copy of the rulebook.” After lobbying with Mr. Coxen to make it an offical school sport failed due to lack of sufficient student interest, Danny and some of his friends began practicing together on the weekends. Danny started a team entirely unaffiliated with the school that has accomplished much with its limited number of players. At the 2011 World Cup on Randall’s Island, the team placed fourth in the high school division. Additionally, the team annually holds a tournament in Briarcliff on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend (May 25 this year) that “boasted ten college and high school teams” last year.

As the sport gains more followers, perhaps it will soon be a sport offered here at BHS as well as in other high schools. The possibilities are endless.


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