Board Game Club

To the Editor:

I have recently started a new club at our school called the board game club. It takes place every Tuesday in the library from 2:35 PM to 3:30 PM.  It is a great way to relax and have fun after school. The games played in the club involve a high level of strategic analysis. One of our games, Settlers of Catan, is even played by scientists in Silicon Valley as a way to compete and network with other top tech executives. There are many strategy based games similar to Settlers, Starfarers of Catan and Munchkin and Magic the Gathering, among others. We also can play classic American games such as Monopoly and Risk. The club already has an average of nine attendees a week.  We are looking for more members so we can have several games going at the same time.

-Bryan Benson, President of Board Game Club


One thought on “Board Game Club

  1. Members of the board game club should most definitely attend the Briarcliff Manor Public Library teen event for high schoolers only this Friday night! It involves – BOARD GAMES! Now, they are not of the most strategic type, this is true. But well possibilities are endless with a deck of cards! (and a variety of other games will be there as well) And also, Wikipedia Races and Jeopardy – I think this event (complete with snacks, of course) sounds like a good fit for your members. I hope you to see you there! Friday at 7 – 9 pm!

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