Karp Enterprises

By Lexy Praeger

Want to travel more but pay less? Looking for cheap tickets to an upcoming event? You’re in luck.

Photo Courtesy of Karp Enterprises
Photo Courtesy of Karp Enterprises

Robert Karp, sophomore at Briarcliff High School and CEO and founder of Karp Enterprises, successfully filed for a DBA, registering his company in the Westchester County Business Database on November 26, 2012.  He was determined.

With his passion for traveling as an inspiration, Karp began booking his dad’s corporate travel.  He researched fare trends: how to scout out the lowest fares, Delta skymiles, and how to maximize points. Then he looked into how his dad could be upgraded into first-class without purchasing a first class ticket, since his dad travels often.

Karp Enterprises specializes in providing travel consulting, maximizing credit card points and airline frequent flyer miles, and scouting out event tickets at a discounted price.  Through his access to specific special resources, he is able to track down low fares and cheap tickets; he is an affordable alternative to a travel agent.  Karp’s business ensures “First Class Service at an Economy Price.”  His first transaction was Knicks tickets in which he saved his customer $260.  Now, Karp Enterprises has become an international establishment, servicing clients in places such as New York, Minnesota, San Francisco, and Canada.

Sophomore Rob Karp
Sophomore Rob Karp

Steve Post, Webmaster and Head of Design for Karp Enterprises, has www.karpenterprises.com up and running.  Through the website, it is possible to learn more about Karp Enterprises and even contact Robert Karp directly.

Karp’s hard work and ardent enthusiasm have paid off – Karp Enterprises is expanding rapidly and will hopefully continue to prosper in the future.


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