Twist: Froyo Finally in Briarcliff!

By Jasmine Bar

Twist Coming Soon
Photo by Jack Fischer

As you drive through Briarcliff’s town, you may notice something a little different: the Verizon store has been replaced with a sign announcing the arrival of Twist, a new frozen yogurt shop! Although the shop will not be opening until Spring 2013, co-owner Michael Daly gave us a sneak peek into what the store will be like.

Michael Daly owns Twist with his partner Kevin McKenna and their wives Mary Beth Daly and Teresa McKenna. Twist has two current locations: Yorktown, which opened last April, and one in Katonah, which recently opened in November.

Mr. Daly assures us that the frozen yogurt will be of great quality. Twist offers a varied line of products including frozen yogurt, sorbet and ice cream. They have choices that are non-fat, low-fat, no-sugar added, non-dairy, vegetarian, and gluten-free. There will be over 65 toppings, sauces and syrups, including fruit, candies and confections of all types.

In addition to serving its wide variety of frozen yogurts, Twist also serves yogurt pies, which are very popular. During the winter, Twist also sells coffee, tea, hot, chocolate, and soup. They are also considering birthday parties which sound like lots of fun!

According to Mr. Daly, most of the employees from Twist come from the local high schools in the area. In general, they look for individuals who are committed, energetic and enthusiastic. Upon entering Briarcliff, the owners of Twist are excited to become an active participant within the community.

With the frozen yogurt craze hitting places all over Westchester, it is exciting that that Briarcliff is finally going to have a place of its own. Twist will be open seven days a week from 12 PM to 10 PM. Clearly, it looks like Twist is going to be a great new edition to our town.


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