Tri-M Induction 2012

By Caroline Pennacchio

Tri-M isn’t only a club but a diverse group of students that are pulled together through something they all have in common: the perseverance, dedication and skill that music requires and the desire to strive beyond good for excellence. In the past few years, the number of new inductees to Briarcliff Chapter 3229 has increased with this year’s induction of 27 new members. Tri-M is the National Music Honor Society, and similar to most national academic based organizations, there are requirements to gain admittance, including an 85% grade average and a 93% music average as well as a score of 21 on a level 4 NYSSMA piece, or a grade of 90 on a level 5 or 6 NYSSMA piece, which must be maintained from year to year. There are also supplements required for this application that are considered along with scores.

These students use their abilities to benefit others as well. Led by officers Sarah Ruthen (President), Rachel He (Vice President), Brandon Fuhr (Treasurer), and Jessica Lynch (Secretary), members use their talents to benefit others around them.  The Tri-M Music Honor Society students are required to complete four tasks per year including childcare, music tutoring and assisting at school performances. “Kids care” is a program in which members perform at nursing homes for the residents, while when students assist at performances they can volunteer to usher and hand out programs before a performance. When members volunteer to tutor in music they work alongside a middle school student. The tutor is generally a student who plays the same instrument or sings a similar part.

One student from each of the ensembles performed (Sarah Ruthen from the band, Tyler Cottrell from the orchestra and Jessica Lynch from chorus) and each inductee was inducted by a Tri-M member who read a brief speech. Although Tri-M members perform for one another at meetings in preparation for the NYSSMA Festival, the majority of members are participants in other musical organizations, the musicals or the pit. With the new total of 38 members, Tri-M can impact the lives of others positively through music.


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