Inappropriate Behavior in the Quiet Study Area

By Rachel Reisman

Quiet Study Area SignThe disruptions created by friends chattering, the sound of music playing, and even the tapping of feet and pencils against a desk can often make it difficult to study efficiently. The library at Briarcliff High School offers a whole section in the back known as the Quiet Study Area to students who would prefer to get their work done in an atmosphere with few distractions.

Unfortunately, this area has not only become an escape for those that wish to work in peace but rather it has become a place where friends hang out during their free periods, often times making the quiet study area not so quiet anymore. These distractions when trying to get school work done can become very frustrating to say the least, but after speaking to those who spend a lot of time in the

Photo by Tyler Friedman
Photo by Tyler Friedman

library, students and teachers alike, the majority agree that the overall respect that students have for the library has improved over the last couple of years. Ms. Johanson, the school librarian likes to adhere to the “Three Strike Rule,” a very simple policy. If you’re asked to quiet down or to stop your disruptions more than three times, Ms. Johanson will ask you to leave the library. PDA or rather public display of affection between couples is strictly prohibited in the library. Students sometime assume that the cubicles in the Quiet Study Area are private and therefore, it is safe to hang out with their significant other. To avoid any such PDA, Ms. Johanson has also made it clear that there can only be one person per chair in each cubicle.

Ms. Johanson has also pointed out that she wishes to make the library as comfortable a place as possible, a happy medium where students can work but still meet with friends as long as students are respectful of each other.


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