Health Moves Online

By Miranda Bramson

Blackboard LogoThe new online health program, introduced last year to BHS, is still a popular class amongst many students. The idea for the class was first thought up after the schedule change in 2011 made it difficult for students to take many electives. These students could no longer fit the traditional sophomore health class into their schedules,

so they made a plea for the class to be available online. After discussing this option with Ms. Parrottino, the current health coordinator, BHS decided to officially bring online health into the curriculum. After its booming success last year, the program has been continued into the 2012-2013 school year.

Junior Suzannah Bergstein took the class first semester of her sophomore year. She was taking Intel as an elective and would have no free if she took the normal health class, so she turned online. Suzannah thinks that “the projects took a lot of time, but you didn’t have to work on them everyday. Overall, there was probably less work involved considering there was no midterm or final to study for.” However, Suzannah also admits that the class was difficult because it took a lot of self-organization and individual work. She also feels like she missed out on important experiences such as yoga and taking home a baby doll. Another junior, Molly Charney, also took this half-year course as a sophomore. She thought the “projects were pretty fun,” and the class was not difficult if time could be managed appropriately. She says that “it was an overall okay experience, and it’s good that the class can be taken at home, but the learning probably isn’t as extensive as the course in the classroom.” Both of these students suggest taking this course online if you are taking other difficult classes and need more free periods to do work. Online health is a great addition to the Briarcliff curriculum, as it allows students to learn the material in the comfort of their own home and at their own pace. Although some students might have felt left out of some crucial high school experiences, most agree that the class was well worth it. Whether students are creating an original advertisement or learning about human emotions, online health seems to have gained many followers at BHS.


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