Food For Thought

By Chris Fischer

Food For Thought ClubPhoto by Chris Fischer
Photo by Chris Fischer

It’s a very thought-provoking name for a very thought-provoking club. A club that will most definitely spark interest in anyone who even remotely likes cooking, food, or living a healthy lifestyle.

The club is run by the English Department’s Ms. Fernandez with the help of the club presidents Natalie Grevel, Marissa Gelfand, and Grace Lee-Niosi. It takes place in the Middle School Home and Careers Room right next to the nurse’s office and meets every Tuesday right after school to 3:15. It’s a great option for sports players waiting to get to practice. The rising club has certainly produced some interest for food in BHS as there are already more than ten regularly attending members.

Not only do the club members cook delicious foods, but they learn about the fundamentals of healthy living and how to turn any dish into a nutritious one. One day, members split up into two groups and performed a “food experiment.” One group created flourless butterless cookies with regular chocolate chips and the others used soy, dairy, and nut-free chocolate chips. Effortlessly working together with virtually no reprimands from Ms. Fernandez, the batters were baking within ten minutes. Using the time while the cookies were baking, everyone pitched in to clean up the counter, which was now splattered with delicious cookie dough. When the cookies were done, everyone did a taste test, and the consensus was that they both tasted amazing. They have also put together home-made hummus and snacks for a healthy bake sale.

Ms. Fernandez has plans to take this club even further into the culinary universe than any other club has ever before. She plans to organize a trip to Whole Foods, an all-organic and high quality supermarket. She also plans to find new ways to create healthy dishes and to take a cooking class. Bake sales with healthy, organic food with styles like gluten or dairy free will be implemented into the coming weeks. Ms. Fernandez and her club members will also explore different types of dietary theories (glutton free, dairy free, vegan, and vegetarian, to name a few) and their impact on the human body.

Food for Thought may be just starting out, but it has certainly gotten a foot hold in the student body at BHS. It promotes teamwork and builds a foundation for a healthier lifestyle. As Laura Charney, a Food for Thought member, said, “We make great food that is healthy for you with the same great taste.”


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