Poetry Society

By Allison Greenberg

The first thing that the members of

Poetry Society

Think of when they hear the name of the club is

The sense of community,

Of being in a family.

They think of the people;

People reading other’s poems,

People reading originals.

Those who normally would never

Talk to each other

Bond over poetry,

Something that cannot be duplicated

Anywhere in BHS.

PoSo members also think of

The various poems they get to hear.

They hear what people are truly

Feeling in the words of the poems,

Not just what feelings are conveyed

During school hours.

Though the members came to be there through different routes,

They all agree that joining PoSo

Has been great,

That they love poetry and the people they share it with.

Friday’s at PoSo in Ms. Alfonso’s room

Go as such:

People simply read poetry.

It reflects the mood

Of the reader,

And that is what makes PoSo such a great club:

People can express what they truly feel,

In addition to what they are presenting to the world.

Friday’s after school in Room 210

Are like a different world,

A world in which students can bond

Over the great art called poetry.


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