Snap Chop – Already Dead?

By Miranda Bramson

Snap ChopThe phenomenon of 2012, Snap Chop, allows users to take a picture of themselves, known as a selfie, or any other picture, and within a few seconds, a funny caption would pop up to compliment the photo. This app was constantly used, and the iconic white printed captions could be found on camera rolls and Facebook albums everywhere. However, like many fads before it, the use of Snap Chop has gone down dramatically. There are less and less of these captioned photos as other apps like Instagram and Snapchat take over. What once used to be a common go-to photo app is now neglected and even unknown.Despite various updates added in Snap Chop: Baby Edition and changes in the way the app worked, its popularity never rebounded, and now there is speculation that it never will. Kasey Zhuravlev, a junior, says “It’s sad that I almost forgot what that even was. At one point I used that app all the time, but now I don’t. I guess fads just come and go.”

Although many say they miss the humor this app brought into their lives, it’s doubtful it will ever return to the full force of popularity it once had. There is so much competition in the world of apps, photos, and even selfies. Unless Snap Chop makes a drastic change that puts it back on the radar of high school students around the US, it most likely is just an app lying on its deathbed, waiting to be deleted from smartphone homepages everywhere.


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