Yogolicious Comes to North State Road

By Jasmine Bar

In addition to the recent news of Twist opening this spring in the town, the Yogolicious that we all know and love is finally coming to Briarcliff! The owner Jennifer Paternostro confirmed that as long as the process goes smoothly, the opening date will be March 1st. The new address is 516 North State Road in Briarcliff. It will be sharing the building with the nail salon, Look of Success.

In general, there will not be many significant differences from the location in Pleasantville. They will offer the same five machines that each contain three flavors each, the middle flavor being the mix of the outer two. They will offer around 65 toppings and fresh fruit. In additions to their famous frozen yogurt, Yogolicious will also be serving Longford’s ice cream, coffee, and smoothies. In addition, the popular iPads filled with various apps will be available for kids to play with. The only great difference from the Pleasantville Yogolicious is that due to the smaller location, the Briarcliff Yogolicious will not be hosting birthday parties.

Froyo Comparison

With the addition of another frozen yogurt shop, Twist, opening in town, Briarcliff, competition is sure to arise. When asked if she was aware of Twist planning to open around the same time, Ms. Paternostro replied that she was not aware of them when she initially started looking into an opening in Briarcliff. Due to the pleadings of many Briarcliff customers, Ms. Paternostro decided to open a Yogolicious in our town. She explained that she had looked at the Verizon location first but did not like it, so she moved on to find a new location. A short while later, she saw that Twist had bought the space that she had previously looked at. Regarding competition, Ms. Paternostro confidently replied that she felt no extra pressure and had faith that her loyal customers would come to Yogolicious because of their reputation, service, and of course, frozen yogurt. Ms. Paternostro does her best to always be welcoming and helpful to all her customers and keeps the place clean and inviting. Her statement seems to be true in that she has catered to numerous Briarcliff sporting events and that the fun and stimulating atmosphere of Yogolicious has welcomed customers with open arms. Ms. Paternostro mentioned that after she opened Yogolicious in Pleasantville, a new frozen yogurt shop opened a mile away five months later. She assured that her business was unaffected by the competition, and it continued to thrive.Yogolicious

In the spring, the Yogolicious in Briarcliff will be open from 11 am to 10 pm all days of the week. They are looking for employees who are willing to lend a helping hand to customers as well as perform other tasks such as cutting fresh fruit and cleaning up at night. Ms. Paternostro tells us that her employees are very kind and hard-working and that they are a great help to the everyday business of Yogolicious.

Although there is a speculated battle between Twist and Yogolicious, it is assured that both will be great new additions to the Briarcliff community. Now Briarcliff will finally be part of the frozen yogurt craze that started in Pleasantville. Four frozen yogurt locations in the area may seem like an excessive amount, but surely, they will all contribute to the growing demand for frozen yogurt in the area.


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