BHS Alpine Skiing – It’s All Downhill from Here

By Ben Allen

Photo Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Briarcliff High School is a great school for athletic choice. Many fall, winter and spring sports are offered including football, basketball, and track. Although these sports are fun, they are quite mainstream. We need some change of pace (no pun intended), which would add a fresh ambiance to the sports at Briarcliff.

Ski racing is a sport like no other. It requires mental focus, balance, core strength, cardiovascular fitness, endurance, agility, and a competitive mindset. It is also great fun. Skiing downhill at high speeds is a very exhilarating feeling like no other. Ski racing is the sport that Briarcliff is lacking. Schools such as Fox Lane in Bedford and Byram Hills have ski racing as an option for winter sports, and Briarcliff used to have a team, but unfortunately, not anymore. The old coach, Mr. Weber (who used to work at Briarcliff as an art teacher), retired and the program stopped. “We used to have a lot of fun,” says Dan Sladkus, a former Briarcliff student and former ski team member. “We were quite a good team, if I recall. We used to take trips to places like Stratton in Vermont during February break, and we would ski there for the week,” he said. Dan’s brother started the old team a while ago. The team would go to the mountain once or twice a week to train there, and the rest of the time would consist of dry land training (workouts and weight exercises catered to alpine ski racing).

It sounds like a fun program, and it is a shame that is stopped. There is hope however. Mr. Drusopoulos is working to start the team up again. Hopefully, in due time, the exiting sport of alpine ski racing could return to Briarcliff. All we need is your help. Whoever is interested in learning more about the sport or is interested in joining the team can sign his or her name on the ski team interest sheet in the library. Thanks all.


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