Animal Infestation: Briarcliff is a Zoo

By Molly Charney

Briarcliff High School is home to several creatures including flies, bees, cats, mice and the occasional raccoon. Students and teachers alike have noted the abundance of fruit flies throughout the school. Many are seen on the second floor of the building. Mrs. Becerra calls them “unwelcome visitors to American History class,” noting that the they lay dormant, lurking, until she accidentally throws something into the garbage, and they fly up causing a frenzy. Mrs. Becerra also notices that students tend to pay more attention to the fruit fly buzzing around their head than the lesson taking place. She believes the cause of the fruit fly infestation is the sugary foods and drinks left in the garbage cans around the building.

Mr. Muranelli agrees that the sugary foods and drinks are probably the cause of the fruit fly influx. However, he added that the Treehuggers Club has been trying its hardest to recycle cans and bottles as much as possible and have contributed to the decrease of the bugs in the winter months. Ms. Cotnoir suggests that students confine their eating to the cafeteria in order to reduce the food deposited into classroom garbage bins.

There have been rumors of mice spottings in the Maresca and the Intel room. Mr. Inglis says he enjoys any mice that visit the Intel room because he is “fond of animals.”  Inglis notes that the mice are “fat, healthy and sleek.”  He prefers that the mice be camped out in the Intel room than kept in captivity in a laboratory awaiting death.  Inglis has no problem with the mice and revels in their company as he believes that this is just an example of the school building harmonizing with nature.

It seems that there is very little to do to reduce the number of creatures around BHS. Some students and faculty are not bothered by the animals or actually enjoy their company, but reducing the food thrown into classroom garbage cans is a practical way to keep some of the flies out. Look out for BHS’s exciting animal specimens around the building!


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