Autism Speaks – Louder Than Ever

By Eric Wasserman

Autism SpeaksAfter taking a one year hiatus from Briarcliff High School, the club Autism Speaks is back with new energy. Re-constituted by Katie Powers and Max Kesten, Autism Speaks works to achieve three goals: fundraising, raising awareness, and volunteering for organizations that specialize in aiding those with autism.At each meeting Kesten and Powers show a public service announcement video to the members of the club, the most recent of which was ESPN’s inspiring success story “Kick of Hope.” It is about eighteen year old Anthony Starego, diagnosed with autism, who kicked a game winning field goal for his varsity football team. Starego was inspired by watching Rutgers’ kicker kick a game winning field goal against Louisville.

To raise money, the club will be selling blue themed bracelets and car magnets. Kesten and Powers also believe it is important to make people aware of the widespread prevalence of autism and the impact it has on those who have it and their loved ones who are also affected by it. As for volunteering, the club regularly spends time at the Northeast Special Recreation. They also plan on volunteering at the Special Olympics in Hawthorne. Interested in joining Autism Speaks? Room 224 on Monday is the place you’ll want to be.


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