Secrets of the Library

By Brandon Fuhr

Library White Board
Photo by Brandon Fuhr

On a typical day, hundreds of BHS students spend time in the library. Whether casually passing through or hanging out with friends, students find the library a place to build academic and social relationships. However, there are some features that have been emphasized this year to supplement the learning experience for students. On the Smart Board, there is a slide called “Today’s Headlines,” which students can take a look at to stay updated with current events. On the adjacent board is the vocabulary word of the day. This is meant to help students studying for the SAT.

SAT Word of the DayPhoto by Tyler Friedman
SAT Word of the Day
Photo by Tyler Friedman

Another feature that is somewhat new in the library is the small whiteboard that students see when they first walk in. It displays the day number of the cycle and sometimes a picture. On occasion, students erase the picture and draw something else. Unfortunately, these impromptu illustrations usually don’t last because the librarians erase them.

Ms. Johanson, the BHS librarian says “What gave us the idea [for the Smart Board and the whiteboard] was the switch to ‘common core.’ We are encouraged to emphasize vocabulary, and the Smart Board was moved over the summer, so I thought it was a great way to display news headlines, and I think the kids like it. I have had a lot of positive feedback. I [also] post it in the announcements when the students make an achievement.”

Library Smartboard
Photo by Jack Fischer

Unfortunately students still can’t pass through the library because the doors are locked in the back. If students were able to use the library as a central artery to travel through the school, more students be able to get their daily dose of vocabulary and news. However, due to the safety and traffic flow problems that would arise from all the people traveling through the library, the back doors have stayed locked.

Even though there is only one entrance to the library, students still find it a fun place in which they are able to work peacefully and enrich their academic experience.


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