Pediatric Cancer Spinathon This Saturday!

By Alex Jacobs

Spinsational Briarcliff

On Saturday March 2, the Spinsational Fitness Studio will be hosting the 2nd Annual Pediatric Cancer Spinathon. This event, organized by BHS freshman Jordana Cohen, was created for the purpose of raising money to donate to help patients fighting cancer. So far, over 130 students have signed up to participate. When asked what compelled her to organize such a massive event, Jordana said she was passionate about the topic. “[I] wanted to take on a role and give back to the community and the children battling against this awful disease: cancer.”

The fee to spin is $20 for children and $30 for adults. All of the proceeds go to the Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Jordana knows that even the smallest things can make a difference. “I have realized that the littlest amount of effort counts, and when you actually work as hard as you can on something that inspires or means so much to you, it can make a big difference. Cancer has affected families and children and is just an overall awful disease that has taken the lives of many. So in any way I can help, I do my best to accomplish my goal, and in this case my goal is to raise the most amount of money as possible and have an overall amazing turnout at the Spinathon this Saturday.”

This Spinathon is a great event to go to if you want to donate and help out people who have been diagnosed with cancer, plus it’s a lot of fun. Everything, no matter how small it may seem, can make a difference in a kid’s life.


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