Community Center Coming to Briarcliff

By Caroline Pennacchio

Briarcliff Community CenterAfter about four years dormant, the old section of the library will be renovated into a community center. Preliminary design plans have been developed and bids from contractors will be chosen by early June.

There has long been talk of a community center in Briarcliff. With the relocation

of the Recreation Department and Historical Society to the newly renovated library building, the old section of the library is the perfect site.

Photo Courtesy of Briarcliff Library
Photo Courtesy of Briarcliff Library

The new community center will help the library continue its well known programs for preschoolers and children but will also help fill the gap in the library’s programs for middle and high school students. The community center will be the way our library attracts teens and others who simply don’t use the library because they aren’t researching or can’t chat and eat.

In the last 10 years, libraries in the area have developed into places that aren’t just book oriented but electronics oriented. As Village Manager Philip Zegarilli said, “The community center is the library’s way of becoming ‘kindlized.'” There are even plans for coffee and food facilities. Although they will be physically connected, the community center and library will maintain separate hours.

The village has also situated itself to use the community center as an administrative headquarters if the village loses power. A generator will power the entire building, and emergency broadcasts will be made from the community center.


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