I Got My Mind on My Pizza

By Brandon Fuhr

Briarcliff is a town of abundance. Although it lacks a good Chinese restaurant, it has easy access to four frozen yogurt places and countless pizza places. In fact, it may be overwhelming to decide where to get a slice. Some of the popular pizzerias in the Briarcliff area include Euro Pizza, Paese, Dom & Vinnie’s, Capri, Ossining Pizzeria, Lucios, Pleasantville Pizzeria, and Jerry’s Brick Oven Pizza.

Photo Courtesy of Euro Pizza

Students at BHS are very particular about their pizza. Many think the pizzeria they go to is the best, but it is hard to objectively determine which actually is. Pizza in Briarcliff is a deeply personal decision, and it depends on each individual. For example, Jessica Lynch says “Euro Pizza [is the best], because they have really good crust.” It is important to note that Jessica originally said Dom & Vinnie’s, but after further consideration, she changed her mind. Ben Allen likes Euro “because they have a really good margarita pizza and delicious pasta to complement your pizza.” Aditya Dave says: “Pleasantville Pizzeria is the best because their crust is fairly thin, soft on the inside, and crunchy on the outside.”

Photo Courtesy of Trip Advisor

Perhaps the pizza places in Briarcliff are so good that it is too hard to pick the best one. While everyone is entitled to their opinion on pizza at BHS, there is no clear cut winner between the various pizzerias in the area. However, in real life, Lucio’s is obviously the best. Pizza is loved by people on all sides of the ‘Cliff, and it is safe to assume that there will never be a shortage of pizza in this town.


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