Joseph Fraietta: “I’m Probably Faster & Funnier Than You”

By Feroze Mohiden

Photo Courtesy of Jeff HeIs Joseph Fraietta the greatest Briarcliff sprinter of all time? If you ask him, he’ll not only fully support that claim but may challenge you to a race in any of his favorite distances on the track.

Fraietta is a senior who has shown excellent athletic ability as a part of the varsity winter and spring track teams. Since joining the spring track team in his freshman year, he has continued to set remarkable personal records through enormous willpower and extreme perseverance. Joseph’s hard work has given him many great race times, which include 11.8 seconds in the 100 meter dash, 24.2 seconds in the 200 meter dash, 6.7 seconds in the 55 meter dash, and 56.2 seconds in the 400 meters.

Photo Courtesy of Jeff He
Photo Courtesy of Jeff He

When asked how he runs so fast, he modestly answers “I was born that way, that’s why.”

Joseph is a mentor for other athletes on and off the track. Jibin Manimala, another athlete, says “he’s a great role model, and he has been since freshman year … He’s basically the sprinting coach.” Joseph shows his leadership every day at track practice, watching and instructing the younger members on their form and technique. To train, he instructs himself and others to run short sprints in order to work on proper form.

Photo Courtesy of Maureen Levins Fraietta
Photo Courtesy of Maureen Levins Fraietta

To unwind, he spends his free time hanging out with friends, playing Xbox, or listening to rap. While he may not call himself a model student, he balances school and sports by doing homework at both school and at home.

As for his infamous Twitter account, he says “I love sharing those earth pictures, you know? Like, those pictures of small animals, I always share those.”

Joseph has not yet decided where he will go to college at the time of writing. He would like to thank Max Gomez for being one of the humblest guys he knows, and Jibin, for having the best smile, both of which possibly contributed to his great success.


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