Use a Pack a Day (Of Main Office Post-Its)

By Jacob Cooper

As I look on with awe, I see a herd of aggressive, noisy animals make their way towards the escape, all tagged with bright, colorful markings signaling their departure. This mass migration occurs every day through the whole school year, rain or shine. 5th period definitely sees the heaviest traffic, although I have observed notable volume at other times. Poor Mrs. Siagris at the front office has to deal with these raucous creatures each day, at an undeniable cost to her and the school. It may be said that the school spends too much on technology. The district has spent tens of thousands of dollars on printers and Smart Boards, but when it comes to keeping track of the actual students, they rely on a low-tech method with a lower cost. Stamped Post-Its ensure passageway out of the school during lunch break and other times, but how much do Post-It notes and stamping actually cost?

Photo by Jack Fischer
Photo by Jack Fischer

“We usually go through a whole pack of Post-Its a day!” said Mrs. Seagris. I looked online at Staples for a comparative price – 18 days’ worth cost $20! With almost 180 days of school, custom stamp prices, and ink, the entire endeavor is worth anywhere from $200 to $500. And that’s not to mention the time and labor of multiple people to keep track of where all the seniors are, all of the time.

Besides, getting a Post-It note just to hand it to the security guard a whole ten feet five seconds later borders on absurdity. The only good thing about this situation is that they aren’t stamping permission on the seniors’ hands… yet.


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