Free the Children

By David Kaminsky

Free the Children is an active club at BHS, founded by Briarcliff alumni Sophie Kousouros and Amanda Marks after they each went on different Free the Children programs and met Spencer West, who presented at BHS last year. The club has roughly doubled in size and is currently run by seniors Alex Martocci and Logan Davis along with faculty advisor Mr. Heltzel.

The club is one of the busiest and most popular in Briarcliff, as well as one of the most productive. Their recent projects include selling chocolate roses on Valentine’s Day, which raised almost $400, and selling rafiki chains. The proceeds are being directed towards a Haitian village, and they have been successful in raising $4,500 of their $5,000 goal. The club has been booming since last year, when they won the Big Dreamers Award,  awarded by the Free the Children organization, doubling their proceeds. They are determined to win again this year.

Prominent members include Max Kesten, who attended a Free the Children benefit concert, Sarah Goldstein, and Laura Birnbaum. Sarah Goldstein is the club treasurer and Laura Birnbaum is in charge of community service. Both have helped coordinate much over the past two years, including running bake sales, keeping track of funds, and finding community service opportunities.

The club meets every Thursday after school in Computer Lab 1. It is always open to new members and all are welcomed. As one of the most rewarding and active clubs at Briarcliff, Free the Children represents an excellent cause and is one of the best and newest additions to the school!


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