Sundance vs. Rocky’s: Battle of the Delis

By Izzie Alley

Photo Courtesy of YelpThe hottest accessory for a Briarcliff student these days is not any piece of clothing or a gadget – it is, in fact, a sandwich from one of two major delis in the area. Whether it’s a late night on the weekend or a 5th period lunch trip, you are likely to see Briarcliff students (especially those with their driving licenses) at either Sundance or Rocky’s Millwood Deli.

Photo Courtesy of Sundance
Photo Courtesy of Sundance

Each has its own perks. Sundance is centrally located in Pleasantville and offers plenty of delicious options, some of which have a Mexican flare. Students find the Mexican dishes are a great addition to the traditional deli. Senior Alex Martocci commented, “I go there when I get the chance, and I love it; they make me feel like a spicy enchilada.” Other students see Sundance as a healthier option. Gabby Blauner said “Sundance is a beautiful establishment with great wraps, and I’ll always choose it over Rocky’s.” Sundance closes at 9:30 PM on weekdays and 5 PM on Saturdays, which beholds a dilemma for Briarcliff kids. Although Sundance provides a great atmosphere and a great location for lunch time excursions, late on a Friday or Saturday night, Rocky’s Deli in Millwood is the place to be.

Rocky’s is unique, because it never closes. It’s open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When asked why Rocky’s is his top pick, Kurt Bringsjord replied: “Hashtag on a roll, salt, pepper, ketchup. Enough said.” It seems that everyone has their go-to order at Rocky’s, and it has become comfort food for many kids. After surveying students, it’s clear that Rocky’s has a strong following. “You have to pay for parking at Sundance!” commented Rachel Strauss. The wide variety of unhealthy snacks and the amazing chicken cutlet entices kids to Rocky’s as well. Annie Barrett said, “Obviously Rocky’s, no competition!” There’s always a heated debate between the two delis. Rocky’s has been a part of Briarcliff culture as a staple in our diet and a place to meet up with friends, although Sundance is on the rise as a new hot spot.


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