Blow-Dryz Takes Briarcliff

By Laura Charney

In the beginning of March, the frozen yogurt store Twist came to Briarcliff in full force and Blow-Dryz is right behind it. Blow-Dryz is another exciting addition to town that is planned to open on May 19, right before prom. Blow-Dryz is a dry bar, which means there are absolutely no chemicals (coloring) and no cuts. Blow-Dryz focuses on shampoos and blow-dries for a low cost. 1250 Pleasantville Road is the new home of the first Blow-Dryz, but after it opens, they are hoping to expand. Blow-Dryz hopes to find a space in Chappaqua as soon as possible. “Blow-Dryz will not be like any other salon, it is going to be like a lounge, and I can assure you of that” said Maryann DeRose, owner of Blow-Dryz and Zokkoz, an existing salon in town. Also, many special offers and rates will be in place for prom on May 30 so make sure to check them out!


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