Stuff to Listen to This Summer

By Chloe Gordon

1) “Mardy Bum” – Arctic Monkeys:

They’re British and they like distortion. So yeah.

2) “Buddy Holly” – Weezer:

“What’s with these homies dissing mah gurl? Why do they gotta front?” #lifequestions #throwback #riverscuomo #mustache

3) “Sleeping Lessons” – The Shins:

Highly recommended for whooping and hollering and jumping in underwear on bed and/or coasting over the drop-off on Long Hill Road.

4) “National Anthem” – Lana Del Rey:

I ❤ Lana. Also check out her classy new song, “Young and Beautiful,” off the recently-released Great Gatsby soundtrack (which features stuff from Jay-Z, Kid Koala, Florence & The Machine, and Jack White to name a few others.)

5) “Step” – Vampire Weekend:

I for one am SO excited for VW’s new album. It’s been three very long years. “Step” floats and falls and shimmers underneath VW’s smart and poetic lyrics. Good for getting mellow.

6) “Amsterdam” – Guster

If you’re not travelling this summer, allow Guster to take you somewhere (Amsterdam.)

7) “Sweater Weather” – The Neighbourhood:

This (misleadingly British-sounding) Cali band just released their first album, I Love You. They’re gonna be big. I call it.

8) “Closer” – Tegan and Sara:

If you don’t know Tegan and Sara, this is a good song to help you work your way into them. It’s excellent pool party material, rather than the rest of their stuff, which is excellent feeling-bad-for-yourself material.

9) “Retrograde” – James Blake

Summer = no curfew = late night drives = this song. I can honestly say this is one of the greatest things I’ve heard in a while.

10) “All Summer Long”- The Beach Boys

The quintessential summer band singing the quintessential summer song- also, harmonies.


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