Backpacks Retake Female Fashion

By Sam Cohen

The middle school days of Le Sportsac bag domination are now over. Here at Briarcliff High School, girls have added two-strap backpacks to their arsenal of book-carrying apparatuses. The transformation has occurred over the past few years as tote-bag-lugging girls graduated, and new backpack-carrying senior girls assumed supremacy over fashion trends at the school.

Senior fashionista Nicole Bugnacki explains that at BHS the younger students tend to follow the fashion statements of their older peers. As older girls have realized the back and shoulder pain caused by tote bags of brands like Le Sportsac, they have switched to trendy backpacks such as the JanSport. This transformation has senior Jessie Post claiming, “backpacks are in!”

A brief survey indicates that approximately 50% of BHS girls are wearing some sort of backpack, whereas the other 50% are using a tote. While it is impossible to predict future fashion trends, Bulletin analysts predict that backpacks will soon overtake tote bags as the predominant book-carrying apparatuses for girls at BHS.


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