¡Hasta Luego Señor Muranelli!

By Wendy Willner

Mr. Anthony Muraneli Briarcliff Spanish Teacher MoustacheIt is bittersweet that The Briarcliff Bulletin reports on the retirement of long-time Spanish teacher Mr. Anthony Muranelli, commonly referred to as “Mur.” The time known as “Despues de Mur” (so elegantly put by Senior Justin Cho during the Class of 2013’s farewell party to Mur) will mark a new era for BHS. Although his “punto” system is highly controversial amongst students, everyone can agree that Mur will most definitely be missed next year.

Mr. Muranelli joined the Briarcliff faculty twenty-four years ago. He came to Briarcliff after leaving the monastery and then spending fourteen years working as a Spanish teacher in Massachusetts. In Mur’s twenty-four years at Briarcliff he has had the rare opportunity to work at all three of the Briarcliff Schools. His time in all three schools has left him with a deep understanding of our school district and close relationships with many of our faculty members and students. Between classes, Mur can often be spotted chatting with Mrs. Comblo about politics, having Friday “Sundance Lunch” with the Physical Education Department, speaking in an intense accent with the Foreign Language teachers, joking around with students, and generally bringing smiles to the faces of the people around him.

Mr. Muranelli with NHS Presidents Sam Cohen & Rachel Smedley

Taking a class with Mur is truly an experience like none-other in BHS. You will hurt your back carrying your Repaso book, make incredibly embarrassing music videos because you lose too many puntos for forgetting your Repaso, and you will learn more about Mur’s life than you probably thought you would during lessons about the content of the Repaso book. Mur’s well rehearsed stories supplement the typical Spanish curriculum of grammar, vocabulary, listening, and writing. Story topics can range from school trips abroad, to his sister’s feelings about squirrels, to growing up in the Bronx. Students lucky enough to have had Mur for both College Spanish I and College Spanish II have been exposed to a great array of cinematographic masterpieces such as “Home Alone,” “La Catrina,” “Selena,” and “La Bamba.” Such movies have students enraged at Yolanda and fawning over the handsome Rogelio.

What will Mur do with all of his free time in the Fall? While he has not made exact plans he would like to spend his time volunteering with the Wounded Warrior Organization that benefits wounded veterans and traveling the world. Nobody Panic! Mur will continue to attend Briarcliff events – including sporting events, plays, the Science Research Symposium, and Mock Trial Tournaments. It is with a heavy heart that The Briarcliff Bulletin bids farewell to Mr. Muranelli and wishes him the best of luck in his future endeavors.


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