Briarcliff Senior To Defend Our Nation

By Caroline Pennacchio

Graham GoldwynThis year not only did the U.S. Army visit students in the cafeteria at lunch, and the leadership class after school, but one of Briarcliff’s own has made the commitment to join the U.S. Army. From the age of four, Graham Goldwyn has expressed the desire to serve in our nation’s armed forces. His interest started when he went to Fleet Week and saw the Naval ships that came into New York harbor. Now, about 14 years later, Graham has been accepted into the ROTC scholarship program at University of California Davis. As a member of the Briarcliff High School Cross Country and Track and Field teams throughout his high school career, and a thrower on the Winter Track and Field teams, Graham has begun to train for several of the many tests he will have to take in the following few years.

As one of only five accepted students into this ROTC program, Graham aspires to be an Intelligence Officer in the Army. This requires him to know two languages: his own and one other, to run three miles in eighteen minutes, and to be strong both physically and mentally, so that he can work with others and handle whatever environment he is placed in after he has been stationed as a Second Lieutenant in the Army. First, however, he must complete eight weeks of basic training, go to Intelligence School, and earn his bachelor’s degree in Chinese.

For now, he continues to run a lot, has begun to study Chinese, and does many pushups. After college he hopes to reach his goal of being an Army Intelligence Officer and to be an example for other Briarcliff students aspiring to continue their education in the military. With a military career he will follow in the footsteps of Mr. Heltzel and Mr. Kaishian. After earning his degree, Graham will join in the ranks of the adults from throughout the U.S. with the same desire that he has: to protect our country.


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