Caffeine in the Caf?

By Miranda Bramson

coffee in caf

As many sleep deprived high school students may already know, the coffee in the BHS cafeteria is believed to contain far more caffeine than most people are accustomed to. There have been multiple reports of students acting hyper and jittery after drinking the school coffee. Although it is not known why this particular brand of coffee has such an effect on teenagers, it cannot be denied that there is definitely something different about this drink.

Junior Kasey Zhuravlev admits “that coffee makes me so jittery and tense that I can barely pay attention in class. I’m always shaking or twitching after drinking it.” Junior Gabby Blauner jokingly agrees with Kasey, “Whenever she drinks the coffee, it makes me fearful for my safety to be around her.”

Even students who drink Starbucks and other brands of coffee every day say that whenever they have the school version, the caffeine really affects how they feel and think. In addition to the huge amounts of caffeine, students stay away from the coffee because it tastes very different from what they are used to. The distinctive bitter taste does not sit well with many, and some even question what “secret ingredient” may be in their morning drink. The caffeine levels in the cafeteria may be high, but students still keep coming back for their daily cup, causing jitters, shakes, and even a little bit of fear in the halls.


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