Varsity Boys Tennis Wraps Up an Amazing Season

By Molly Charney

Briarcliff’s boBrandon Fuhr Briarcliff Boys Varsity Tennisys tennis team completed a terrific season this spring. The team remained undefeated in their league and was named league champions.

Senior Rishab Mittal attributed much of the team’s success to new coach, Don Hamlin. Rishab described Coach Hamlin as “intelligent, congenial and understanding.” Junior Aditya Dave enthusiastically agreed. Aditya comments that Coach Hamlin was very organized and promoted a team-first attitude that encouraged the team to become really close and spirited. Aditya also noted that in past years the team had struggled at playing as one team since tennis is typically an individual sport, but this year under new leadership from Coach Hamlin as well as hardwork  from captains Jacob Cooper and Aanand Patel, the team really bonded and played well together. Rishab’s favorite parts of the tennis season included, “the atmosphere, the food, the competition, and especially, the people.” Aditya is sad to see the seniors, Rishab, Jacob, Aanand, David Gold, and Brandon Fuhr, graduate this year, and he really enjoyed the fun the seniors brought to the team. While the team has been knocked out of the sectional tournament, first singles player Jacob Cooper made it to the states where he lost to the second ranked player. In the beginning of the season, Cooper set the team goal to be undefeated league champions and that is just what they did. Congratulations to the team on a great season! Jacob Cooper Briarcliff Boys Varsity TennisBriarcliff Boys Varsity Tennis 2013


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