Legendary Ms. Lee Gone Soft?

By Jack Fischer

Ms. Nancy Lee Briarcliff High School Science Teacher

Biology teacher Ms. Lee has been a legend since she returned to Briarcliff, her own high school, to teach.

Then she got pregnant.

Ms. Lee’s notoriously difficult freshman Honors Biology course is known for shocking middle schoolers out of their stupor and giving them a taste of intense high school classes to come. However, with two children at home, Ms. Lee admits she hasn’t been able to maintain her signature intensity.

“I personally feel like I’ve been slacking. Hopefully people won’t read this and be like ‘What’s wrong with her?'”

“Everyone tells you [taking care of kids] is gonna be different, but you don’t really know until you actually experience it … what’s amazing to me is the lack of control. With teaching and stuff I try to be as organized as possible, but with kids it’s just like… Some people have told me there’s a term called mommy brain.”

Molly Charney & Kasey Zhuravlev in AP Bio

However, current students are less convinced that Ms. Lee is somehow going easy on them. “If you talk to some of my students they will say there is no watering down. Some of them feel that if I am really slacking now, then they are scared to see what I was like when I wasn’t.”

As for taking care of her own kids, she says that once she survives “the lack of sleep, the irregularity of my schedule, and the exhaustion, I’ll just completely crash.” Her son is thriving, however. “His mind is like a complete sponge, he actually knows a lot of stuff right now.”

But the question on every bio student’s mind: Will they take AP Bio when they grow up? “Only if they want to … I don’t want to put too much pressure on them.”


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