BHS Students Work Together at Twist

By Izzie Alley

It’s old news that Twist has opened up in Briarcliff. Cars that cruise through town find themselves slowing down to see who is hanging out around the central location of Twist. If it’s late on a weekday you might find the baseball team after a game having a nice treat. It’s not hard to walk by and see a BHS student or two getting froyo. The real question is: who are the employees? Well, they range from complete strangers to us Briarcliffians, to Ossining students to our very own BHS students.

Earlier in the winter, while the building was still under construction, a “Now Hiring” sign was put up in the window. Twist reported that they received over one hundred applicants for their store. Clearly, it was not possible to hire all of them, so Twist tried their best to evaluate all applicants and fill the positions. Justin Slotnick and Michael Mullins are two employees who were hired to strengthen the male/female ratio in staffing. Many Twist go-ers report being completely satisfied with their service no matter what shenanigans are going on amongst the coworkers.

Junior Casey Tilles enjoys working at Twist and feels lucky to have gotten a position. Some of her friends applied and hadn’t even received a call and became worried that their applications weren’t even viewed. Nonetheless, Casey loves her job. “Twist provides a great employment opportunity that is both fun and convenient. Also, as an employee in town, I get to interact with all different community members who visit Twist, and I love helping people create their delicious frozen yogurt snacks!”

While many are still confused about the process used to chose the employees, it seems to have worked well because Twist is a booming business. Assuming that Twist is here for the long haul, they are encouraging people to re-apply or apply for the first time because personnel are always changing. Briarcliff’s very own frozen yogurt place has a Briarcliff feel with its central location and familiar staff, let’s hope nothing changes.


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