Beezing: Come Join the Hive

By Izzie Alley

Senior Megan O'Donnell demonstrates her beezing technique
Senior Megan O’Donnell demonstrates her beezing technique

Burt’s Bees isn’t just used to relieve chapped lips in the winter. The term “beezing” was coined when people started to apply Burt’s Bees chapstick to their eyelids. The result is a tingling sensation that feels like no other. The minty ingredients have an effect on the eyes that is relaxing and calming. Others report beezing to help them concentrate and give them a little sense of euphoria. For an extra intense experience some place cold objects, like hands or ice, on afterwards for a real shock.

Beezing is said to have originated in Colby College in Waterville, Maine after some students were trying to help dry skin around their eyes. The result was a somewhat addicting habit that continues to catch on across the northeast from different colleges and now to local high schools. As college admissions decisions are coming out seniors find themselves anxious. A safe way to calm anxiety is simply to take up beezing. It’s all natural and is a very safe alternative to drugs and alcohol.

Senior Miranda Bramson beezes often. Whether it’s just to wake her up in the morning, or for fun with friends, she always has her Burt’s on hand. “It really just makes your eyes tingle a little bit, but it’s just fun to do to change up the school day.” Bramson comments. In fact, beezing helps you to concentrate; I’m beezing as I write this article right now! So give beezing a try this winter, it might change the way you view life.


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