The Sub Station

BHS' new cafeteria furniture: off-limits to those at the sub station
Photo courtesy of Nick Beninati

By Anastasia Friedland

This fall, Briarcliff High School decided to try something different by cutting substitute teachers and implementing a new system where there is only one substitute for the whole school.

Mr. Shapiro, who has been working with the Briarcliff School District since 2008, can be recognized by his always-smiling face and slicked back white hair. He will wave and say hello to you in the hallway and will most likely call you by your full first name. Every period besides 5th, he sits at his desk on the left side of the cafeteria, near the windows in the back. The tables surrounding his desk are called, The Sub Station.

If your teacher is absent, you are to immediately report to the cafeteria, approach the Sub Station and acknowledge Mr. Shapiro so he can take attendance. He will then hand out whatever worksheet/activity your absent teacher has left, and you can sit with your friends to do the work.

Senior Lili Yurch was asked how she feels about the Sub Station. After a long sigh, she said, “It’s better than class.” Most students can agree with this; however, there is always the question of work ethic among students at the Sub Station. “I’ve noticed that people do work from other classes,” says sophomore Allison Greenberg.

As the year unfolds, we will find out whether or not the Sub Station will be a mainstay in the Briarcliff High School cafeteria.


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