Poetry Out Loud: The School-Wide Competition

By Allison Greenberg

On Monday, January 27, the Poetry Out Loud school-wide competition will take place fourth period in the Middle School Theater. Each student will perform two poems. The freshman competitors are Jillian Agona and Melissa Goldberg; the sophomore representative is Haley Rosenberg; the junior contestant is Russell Francis; and the senior participants are Lexy Praeger and Jordan Ross. Two out of the six will move on to regionals.

Photo Courtesy of poetryoutloud.org
Photo Courtesy of poetryoutloud.org

“I’m really excited for it because I’ve never done anything like this before. It’s combining two of my favorite things: writing and performing,” said freshman Jillian Agona. Sophomore Maddy Albert, who made it through to regionals last year, added, “Poetry Out Loud is a really unique experience. It’s a really beautiful thing to be able to interpret a poem and emulate it but to watch your classmates do the same is just as special. I think it’s less about what happens in the competition than what you can take with you from it.” Come watch!


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