Briarcliff shows resilience, overcoming deficit to beat Pleasantville

By Harrison Singer


Post-Game Interview Conducted by Harrison Singer

Briarcliff took on Pleasantville on Tuesday, in what was no disappointment to the long-lasting rivalry between the two teams. Briarcliff was unable to bring the defense or offense in the first quarter. The Bears gave the Panthers’ above-average shooters looks and they were taking advantage, as Pleasantville jumped out to a 19-6 lead after the first quarter. Briarcliff has had to play from behind a lot this season, and, again, they had to answer to an early deficit.


Briarcliff did in fact respond, playing much better defense, converting their shots and making free throws. Briarcliff cut the deficit to one by the end of the second quarter. The game went into halftime with the score 21-20.

The third quarter was the apex of the Bears’ unity of defense, as they held Pleasantville to under 30% shooting. Briarcliff’s defense game gave them the lead heading into the fourth quarter, with the score 30-25.bball pville 1

The entire fourth quarter was spent with both teams in the penalty, which gave both teams a lot of free throws. The Bears were making their free throws for the most part, which was important. But no matter how many free throws Briarcliff made, Pleasantville just kept staying the game. The Panthers were hitting contested threes along with free throws that kept the game competitive. While up by two with 35 seconds left, Junior Rob Contento took a huge charge that not only gave Briarcliff the ball, but put Contento at the line due to the offensive foul. Contento would sink one of two free throws to put the Bears up by three. Again, this time up by three with 12 seconds left, Rob Contento took another charge. After a contested three was some how made by Pleasantville, and two free throws from Alquan Phillip, the game was wrapped up with a Briarcliff win, 49-45.

For Briarcliff, Alquan Phillip led the team with 17 points, 9 of which were free throws. For Pleasantville, Kieran Malony led the Panthers with 14 points.



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