Senioritis: The Plague

By Miranda Bramson

Senior Suzannah Bergstein plays on her phone while watching the llama duck song.
Senior Suzannah Bergstein plays on her phone while watching the llama duck song.

The disease has spread. There are rumors of quarantine mixed with the shouts of teachers throughout the halls. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors beware. Senioritis has hit BHS and no one is safe. With the onset of second semester, there has been a noticeable difference in the behavior of almost every senior. You may see a larger number of them hanging out in the library or just hear the muffled uproar coming from an English 12 room. However, some teachers believe this plague started much earlier than it has in previous years. So, what actually causes senioritis? It may be the fact that many students have gotten into college early or perhaps overall feelings of entitlement after three years of backbreaking work and stress. Whatever it is, it has come full force to Briarcliff and everyone is taking notice. Senior Annie Barrett admits to the illness and has given into its symptoms. She believes that “teachers are ruining us by giving homework. They should just stop.” While many students may agree, teachers tend to have the opposite view. After having the previous three-year experience of high school, seniors should be the best at managing schedules and accustomed to doing homework. Despite these professional beliefs, there is no known cure for senioritis. We should all just accept that this widespread illness will never end, because who wants to put in the effort to prove otherwise? Not seniors.


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