@SuperKaish in 140 Characters or Less: An Interview with Our Favorite Tweeting Superintendent

By Lauren Koenig

Lauren Koenig @LoKoe4: Hey @SuperKaish, BHS Bulletin has some Q’s for u, think u can answer in 140 characters or less?

Mr. Kaishian @SuperKaish: Sure @LoKoe4, I like the concept!

Lauren Koenig @LoKoe4: @SuperKaish 1st question, why did u decide to make a twitter account?

Mr. Kaishian @SuperKaish: @LoKoe4 Trying to communicate more naturally and thus effectively with all segments of the school community. Good info – whenever wherever.

Lauren Koenig @LoKoe4: @SuperKaish 2nd question, what do u think is the best part about being on twitter?

Superintendent Kaishian enjoying the winter weather
Superintendent Kaishian enjoying the winter weather

Mr. Kaishian @SuperKaish: @LoKoe4 Only those who want to follow do so. I also like the challenge and the freedom that comes with limiting tweets to 140 characters.

Lauren Koenig @LoKoe4: @SuperKaish 3rd question, do u ever look at things that students tweet?

Mr. Kaishian @SuperKaish: @Lokoe4 Only when a student tweets a question to me, retweet or favorite something sent. Otherwise I simply want to communicate – not to pry

Lauren Koenig @LoKoe4: @SuperKaish 4th question, do u tend to gain more followers on potential snow days than the average day?

Mr. Kaishian @SuperKaish: @Lokoe4 Absolutely, I don’t think there could be a more popular subject than a delayed opening or school closing on a wintery morning – you?

Lauren Koenig @LoKoe4: @SuperKaish I totally agree! 5th question, what do u think is the most popular tweet u have ever written?

Mr. Kaishian @SuperKaish: @LoKoe4 Not sure, it’s probably a very close call between my first weather closing and my Got Turf tweet. Twitter interview may top those!

Lauren Koenig @LoKoe4: @SuperKaish I hope so! Any final words for us? (under 140 characters of course) ☺

Mr. Kaishian @SuperKaish: @LoKoe4 Could this be the first ever student -superintendent interview during a Sunday night snowstorm? & how odd will it look in 10 years!

Lauren Koenig @LoKoe4: @SuperKaish I think it just might be! Thanks so much!

Mr. Kaishian @SuperKaish: Thank you @LoKoe4 this was fun!!


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