Pet Spotlight: Furrari McGlew

By Elizabeth Terilli

Furrari McGlew
Furrari McGlew

Furrari, a ten year old German Shepard Terrier, is a unique dog. Her favorite events consist of long walks with her best friend, Scoshi (who lives just a few houses down), running around in the snow, and eating any sweets that were left out unattended (even though dogs shouldn’t eat chocolate). Furrari only is required to eat one meal a day, according to owner of Furrari, freshman Sophia McGlew. In addition, this protective dog barks every time the doorbell rings in fear of an intruder. “The neighbors called the cops because Furrari was barking so loudly,” says Sophia McGlew. Furrari also has a special trick that is quite unusual. Instead of the normal sit down trick, Furrari does a jump and a twirl in hopes of a yummy treat. She was also the smartest dog in her puppy dog training class, as she learned everything before the other canines.


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