Senior Internships

By Rachel Reisman

As the smell of freshly cut grass floods the halls of BHS, seniors will say goodbye to their familiar school day routine and set off to their respective internship positions. Over the years, the BHS internship program, currently headed by Mrs. Comblo, has provided seniors with opportunities to further their education outside of the classroom. These internships have served as an antidote to the infamous “senioritis epidemic” in the latter months of the year, while also reflecting our student body’s wide array of interests.

An eighth grade gym incident left current senior Max Kesten with a broken wrist and a blossoming interest in orthopedics. Diving practices, BHS’s heavy workload, and a multitude of other extracurricular activities, left Max with very little time to explore the world of medicine. However this program has finally given Max the opportunity to lift his eyes up from a monotonous school week schedule. Starting in May, Max will shadow the same orthopedic surgeon that tended to his broken wrist nearly four years ago. Max has always been interested in “piecing things together,” claiming Legos TM were his forte growing up. Making connections and piecing information together is vital in virtually every study of medicine.


Kasey Zhuravlev too has found a perfect match in her internship pursuits. She plans to work for SquadUP, a startup company based in New York City that specializes in planning large events. Although Kasey is interested in studying Foreign Service relations, working in an industry where companies experience failure on a daily basis will further feed her ambitious nature.

Students were encouraged to not limit themselves to internships that would cater to their specific career paths but rather to consider opportunities they might not encounter again. Miranda Bramson took this advice when looking for her internship. She became increasingly interested in securing an internship at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, a far cry from her talents in mathematics. She notes that working on a farm will expose the importance of healthy agricultural practices, an aspect of life that is much too often overlooked in our society.

Although the clock seems to be ticking down to graduation way too quickly, BHS seniors will gather their intelligence and bear pride to make the most of opportunities ahead during the fourth quarter. Seniors, be sure to enjoy your time left in high school before inevitably encountering harried nights in college libraries, not too far off in the future!


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