Spin-A-Thon for Pediatric Cancer

By Lauren Koenig

Pediatric Cancer Club
Pediatric Cancer Club

On Saturday, March 22, the Briarcliff community came together and “spun” for a cause. Organized by BHS sophomore Jordana Cohen, this year’s annual “Spin-A-Thon for Pediatric Cancer” raised $17,500 for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation. “It was a tremendous success,” gushes Cohen. “We raised $2,500 more than last year, which is really great.”

The spin-a-thon took place at SpinSational, the local spin studio, and consisted of 8, half-hour sessions of 35 people each. “It felt like the whole community was there, either spinning or just helping out!” Jordana tells The Bulletin. “Even kids from the middle school were there!”

When asked about the inspiration behind her drive to support the cause, Jordana smiles. “My mom has been involved with the Pediatric Cancer Foundation for years, just as a way to give back. She inspired me to give back and the cause was obvious. I always dreamed big, but I never knew that the spin-a-thon would become as huge as it has!”

Obviously, the issue that is Pediatric Cancer hits close to home here at Briarcliff High School. Senior Matt Rundback, a victim of pediatric cancer himself, attended the spin-a-thon. “It’s really cool to see someone work so hard for the cause,” he says. “And to see the community come together to support it… It’s awesome. It really is.” Congratulations to Jordana and the rest of the Pediatric Cancer Club for organizing such a successful event!

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