9/11 Memorial Field Trip

By Krissy Wall and Mallory Siegel 

A few weeks ago, BHS juniors and seniors were accompanied to the National September 11 Memorial & Museum by Mr. Bordonaro and Mr. Lavelle. The trip was an opportunity for students to remember the tragic events that happened on September 11, 2001. “The trip is especially memorable for those who are at the age where they may remember little details, if anything. I think it is important that as American citizens, we understand exactly what happened,” Mr. Lavelle said. The trip began at 8:15 when everyone boarded the bus. When we got to the museum, everyone was awed by the beautiful fountain that had the victims’ names engraved in marble. When talking to students before the trip, everyone had the same anticipations. Many people were looking forward to the exhibit but were also prepared for the upsetting sights they were about to see.

After the trip, we interviewed Mr. Lavelle and asked him about his experience. We asked him what he thought of the trip, and he said, “Despite a few setbacks with getting there on time, I thought the experience of being at Ground Zero at the museum was breathtaking. It was a little difficult to take it all in.” In the museum, there were a lot of pictures and items to look at. We asked Mr. Lavelle if anything in the museum stood out to him and he said “The wreckage of FDNY Ladder 3, because it reminded me just how devastating 9/11 was to the FDNY.” This trip was an incredible experience with only a few minor setbacks, such as the transportation. We asked Mr. Lavelle what would make this trip better for next year, and he said “We are planning another trip in the spring using a different means of transportation, and we will be using tour guides to guide us around the entire museum.” If you are looking to sign up for the next trip, talk to Mr. Lavelle or Mr. Bordonaro.


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