Artist Spotlight: Victoria Xu

By Laura Charney

This issue we have chosen Victoria Xu for the artist spotlight. Xu has been pursuing art seriously since sophomore year, when she found a true passion for her art. Xu mostly creates pieces that are drawings but has also had opportunities to showcase her skills in other forms of art, such as painting.

Victoria Xu confesses that she doesn’t have a particular style of art that she enjoys; she likes to experience a variety of different styles. She also says that she does not have a major theme to her drawings and artwork. As she continues this journey, she does hope to find a theme. Xu discloses that she is interested in attending a college that specializes in art in order to continue her path in the field. The portfolio that she will be submitting to colleges consists of about twenty pieces of artwork, mostly consisting of drawings. Victoria Xu has hopes of bringing her talent into her college years and has generously shared some of her pieces below. Make sure to check them out!


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