IPhone 6 Plus: It Bends

By: Maddy Albert

It’s a Droid! It’s a Samsung Galaxy S3! No, it’s an iPhone 6. The model’s motto, “Bigger than bigger,” is true to its word, as the release not only included a bigger and better model of the iPhone 5s, but a bigger and better model of the iPhone 6 called the 6 Plus, at 5.5 inches. Another lead selling point of this newest generation is that it’s not only larger than ever, but thinner than ever. Its 7 millimeter thickness makes it all the more sexy to whip out in awkward situations where being social just doesn’t seem possible, whether you’re aiming to keep your own seat on the morning bus or avoiding the gaze of that creepy kid across the library. Yeah, you’re unavailable AND you have the newest generation of the iPhone. Therefore, you are too in for them anyway. Don’t even think about sitting here. Although the unbalanced proportions have led to some controversial bending situations, Apple would never disappoint its trend hungry consumers by releasing an iPhone that had simply been engineered to coexist with the newest software, iOS 8, or that simply offered a superior Retina display. Size is always more significant. So, if durability means less to you than size and chicness, the iPhone 6/ 6 Plus may be your perfect match.


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