10 Things Every Briarcliff Student Will Understand

By Alyssa Nadler

1. The junior year struggle of walking down the hill in the rain.

Nothing ruins a peaceful rainy day more than getting soaked on your way to school because you have to park at the church, which is like a mile away from the front doors.

2. Leaving during your frees to pick up Rocky’s or Sundance (usually Rocky’s).

It’s a trip we would all love to take everyday, but it’s not unusual to substitute in Starbucks.

3. Running into everyone you have ever met in your entire life at Club Fit.

I mean I get it; there is only one gym in this town but how is it that every person that ever existed belongs to it?

4. The patio was THE place to be in middle school.

Don’t lie, after school and on the weekends from 6th to 8th grade you could definitely be found at The Patio.

5. Having at least one friend who left to go to Hackley or Fordham.

What? Are we not good enough for you? Where’s your loyalty?

6. Having Tony Gomes pick you up from school.

I mean…how else do you expect to pass your road test?

7. Spending your childhood Halloweens trick or treating in the Tree Streets.

Let’s be real, if you weren’t in the Tree Streets collecting candy, was it really Halloween?

8. Checking the teacher absence board is your first priority of the school day.

You know it is going to be a good day when you get to pay a visit to Mr. Shapiro in the cafeteria.

9. Community Day was the ultimate end to summer.

10. Speedball is do or die.

It is the go to gym sport. It is the center of our pep rally. Winning speedball is equivalent to winning at life altogether.



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